indian wedding in portugal

Three days of celebrations of love, emotions, colours & diversity

Indian Wedding in Lisbon

agata mendes photography

Nazia & Albert are real soulmates.

You know, the ones who look at each other and laugh and they don't need even words to explain. The ones for whom the distance of Atlantic which separates the US from the UK is not far enough to stop their love for a second. The ones who are proud of their beautiful traditions and who blend into each others' families like they'd been always together.

It was such an honour to be a part of their Lisbon Wedding story. I was truly excited from the very moment they asked me to be their Wedding Photographer. I knew it would be such an adventure and I was so right :)

When you think of an Indian Wedding, you probably have an enormous event in your mind, but this one was an intimate celebration of family and the closest friends.  

I'm really thrilled to be able to show you all the joy and tears I captured. 

The first day was Mehndi - traditional indian event

The second day was Nikkah - a religious muslim ceremony 

The third day was a White Wedding in the Fronteira Palace in Lisbon

I'm very grateful for these moments.

Let's dive into these colorful days together :)

Wedding Planner: Weddings and Events by Passage to India

Catering: The Mad Kitchen Portugal

Day 1

Mehndi in Lisbon

agata mendes photography

Day 2

Nikkah in Marriot Hotel in Lisbon

agata mendes photography

Lisbon Photoshoot and religous ceremony with dinner and party

Day 3

Wedding in Palacio dos Marqueses da Fronteira

agata mendes photography

White Wedding Day with symbolic ceremony and dinner in the amazing Fronteira Palace in Lisbon