I'm a dreamer, I'm an observer, I'm an artist.

Since I remember I always loved photography and visual arts.

When I was a child and a teenager I used to draw and paint, but I was never happy with my results. so instead of choosing the Academy of Fine Arts I did a degree in Portuguese Classics in my home town - Krakow (Poland).

That decision was very spontaneous at the time, but it brought me to the place that has become my home. 

Portugal, an unexpected, distant land of powerful sun and atlantic breeze has given me more than I could ever ask for.

I spent the last semester of my Uni in Lisbon. Right after arriving I met my fantastic husband. Everything was happening in a beautiful and natural way.

The decision of moving to Lisbon for good was as obvious as a morning coffee :)

And so it started, I settled in Lisbon with the love of my life over 10 years ago and shortly after, my amazing Dad gifted me my first DSLR camera.

Inspiration was just everywhere. Lisbon's light, breathtaking views, new people and their stories, city with soul. 

I shortly discovered photography was the missing puzzle in my artistic soul.

The difference from other visual arts that I had tried before, was that I actually loved my pictures! Even at the point when I had no clue what I was doing, I was so happy photographing, that it just gave me endless power to learn and evolve.

Amazing feeling of finding true passion.

It just happened. I found something that completed me. And the most amazing part:

I could make other people happy with what I loved so much! That was it.

Shooting, meeting amazing people, editing - I love it all. This is me. 

This journey never stops. 

Each year of capturing unique moments for my clients, teaches me more and more.

My own life experiences: becoming a mom of wonderful girl and boy together with

witnessing so many inspiring stories of people I photograph, have been a constant confirmation of what is important in life. 

Meeting people from around the world and observing their cultures and habits ends in one conclusion: we are the same. 

We want to love.  We want to feel happiness. We want to share our emotions. Moments of joy empower us. Our unique memories make us who we are.

There are some highlights in our stories that must be saved! I strongly believe photography is powerful and meaningful. I do it because I know it's important.

Creating timeless images that will stay for generations is my goal. When you receive your photographs, you receive real value.

I'd love to hear what's important for you. Please, don't hesitate to get in touch and let's chat about the story you'd like to tell. 

Let's create something special.  Let's save your memories in the most beautiful way!

Thank you Sandra Miller Films for a wonderful film and photo!