Christina & Miro

Destination Wedding at Elegant Pestana Palace
in Lisbon

Wedding in Lisbon was an obvious choice for the bride & groom who had moved to the city some time before. They invited their loved ones from all around the world to join them in celebrating love.

Christina & Miro are artistic souls with special love for design.  A commitment Ceremony of these two had to be stylish and unconventional. Custom designed details and personalized event plan was meaningful and well thought out.

After preparations in luxurious historical hotel rooms of the palace, the couple had their special intimate moments before the ceremony - first look at the terrace and a fun tuk tuk ride. 

When the guests were already waiting at the Pestana Palace's garden - where the outdoor symbolic ceremony had been prepared, the couple arrived. They jumped out of the pink tuk tuk and walked down the aisle together.

As a photographer I was in awe - the beauty of this scene was unforgettable. I love to see how couples make conscious choices of adapting traditions to their personalities and beliefs.

Each and every moment later on was a definition of perfect celebrations. The Symbolic Ceremony was held by Miro's best friend, cocktail was a vibrant moment of hugs and drinks in front of Pestana Palace and romantic dinner was prepared in the gardens overlooking Tejo river and the famous red bridge. All custom event planning was prepared and held by amazing Bad Bad Maria - Portugal Wedding planners specialized in alternative weddings, without formulas, with freedom of expression and feelings.

After joyful moments at a beautifully decorated long table, enhanced by string lights, Christina changed her outfit and the couple cut the cake together. 

Along came musicians inviting the guests for a start of a great party.

Enjoy the visual story from this amazing Wedding below.