wedding photo session in portugal

Today, when I'm writing these words, it's January 2021. 

This New Year has brought us hope but right at the beginning it started with general lock down in Portugal.

Thankfully I have numerous inspiring stories from last year, that I can go back to.

A lot of plans had been cancelled but other ones emerged from new reality.

I was lucky to meet Marta & Daniel who didn't manage to get married when they originally planned, but they did manage to create their visual love story with me.

They took me to another portuguese wonder of nature that I hadn't known before.

I had already visited Peniche, but I never went to its volcanic breach - an islet of Papoa.

The Atlantic Coast here is rampant, famous as surfers paradise, with waves crashing against the rocky shore.

Marta & Daniel remembered this place as amazingly quiet and they enjoyed its energy so much that they had no doubt when it came to choosing the location for our photo shoot.

Although the Wedding had to wait, we did register their little story of love.  

Marta was wearing two dresses that day - both amazingly beautiful. One of them - a family treasure - her mom's Wedding Dress! It's the second one that appears in the photo shoot.

Such a beautiful afternoon with these two. 

Thank you Marta and Daniel! 

You are such a sweet couple and shooting with you was a pure joy!

Fingers crossed you'll have your dream Wedding soon!