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This Lisbon Family Photo Session could be a vacation photoshoot but it actually took place around this beautiful family's neighbourhood - Principe Real, Bairro Alto and Bica.

Taryn & Brad with their two sweet boys are from South Africa but they found their new home in Lisbon.

Family portraits in the streets of Lisbon are simply a nice walk among charming corners of the city. The colorful tiles, breathtaking viewing points, painted wooden doors and vivid flowers are a perfect background for joyful pictures. 

Taryn wanted to make sure that special time for their family in their new city was captured. 

The kids grow up so quickly, and they really change each month. Having their portraits taken by a professional photographer is always a good idea.

The photographs become real treasures once we realise how fast the years pass and how different everything seems after some time.

Lisbon is a perfect city for photo sessions and I know all the best spots. The light is bright and warm all year long. The magic is always there.

My favourite part is to get to know the family and look for these little gestures that make them special. Capturing love and connection is always my goal. The pictures aren't just good because of the nice background and beauty of the models but mainly because of a unique moment saved that would otherwise be gone forever.

Picking a place for a photo session is a part of a creative process. In this case the choice of this family's neighbourhood was very meaningful and super easy! Who wouldn't like to be photographed in such a photogenic area :) 

But believe me, your own neighbourhood is also great for pictures! 

It's special because it's where your real life takes place and it's a part of your real story. 

It's important to make sure you have at least a couple of pictures from each significant period of your life and from every home you live in! 

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And now enjoy the walk with these charming four!